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Keep Your Marriage - www.keepyourmarriage.com

Last Updated:
Jan 3, 2017

Reviewed By:
Tony Jones and Laura Park
  There are only a few tips on divorce prevention in this book, but they are explained thoroughly.

  Some of the sections in this book seem to be obscure, and difficult to understand. There are only a few listed methods for preventing divorce and saving marriages.
Title : Keep your Marriage
By: Nancy Wason Ph.D
Overall Rating :
Editor's Review :

The book "Keep your Marriage" is an excellent book which only falls short of our second rated book on a few small points. This book offers phenomenal ideas regarding the prevention of your divorce, including some of the best and most effective tips that have ever been seen in a divorce book. The ideas presented in this book are unique in many ways, unfortunately they can often be hard to understand which is why this book received the rating that it did.

Unless you hold a psychology degree, you may have difficulty understanding some of the more obscure ideas presented in this book. The author of this book, relationship expert Nancy Wason Ph D is highly experienced in the field and can accurately show how common methods for communication and counseling can actually backfire. The methods that she offers to readers for divorce prevention include an effective blend of both obvious and subtle action steps which when taken in a specific order, can be surprisingly effective. One of the most popular portions of the book describes in clear detail how important it is to save your spouse's marriage, even when it does not appear that his or her heart is in it all the way.

This book is also effective in motivating its readers to apply these changes and methods to their marriages. Purchasing this e-book will also provide you with other bonus e-books, including one on saving a marriage after an affair, or saving a marriage when your spouse is the one who wants to leave. Another benefit that is attached to this product is that upon buying this e-book package, you are given the chance to speak directly with the author free of charge, or to speak for fifteen minutes directly over the phone with a live consultant. No other e-book on divorce prevention offers this handy option, which normally retails for around $50 all by itself. Anyone looking to prevent their divorce and save their marriage will benefit immensely from purchasing this product.

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