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Our vision is to provide unbiased reviews on the top e-books out there to assist . All of the e-books we have recommended are can be trusted & are covered by 100% money back guarantees. We will never recommend any product without risk free guarantees.

Our goal is to provide all the tools necessary to stop your divorce. We provide reviews on most effective divorce books by top marriage counselors. There are over several hundred e-books and texts on the subject of stopping your divorce. With such a plethora of texts surrounding this topic, the Divorce Union was formed in 2005 by people who had purchased divorce e-books in the past, but found many of the books to be ineffective on the subject. Our committee of eleven members include marriage counselors, psychologist, husbands and wives and comprise of a top editor to help stop divorce

These members have read many divorce prevention books and have had at least five years background in providing divorce advice. After a little over twelve thousand votes were counted based on readers who read e-books, we drew up a list of the top five e-books which we believe to be the most effective in stopping your divorce. Stop your divorce reviews by experts. For the reviews and to be fair, all of the e-books were purchased with our own money and non were donated by the writers. To be as independent as possible, we tally up the votes to provide the final ranking.

All of the e-books that we recommend are extremely helpful if you are trying to prevent your divorce from happening. However, if you are still trying to decide whether or not to begin the divorce process, this divorce book may be the right step for you.


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The failure of a marriage is often at least in part due to inconsistencies among couples when it comes to interaction with one another, and communication on both a physical and emotional level. Communications which are perceived wrongly can quickly lead to the unwillingness of partners to compromise with each other regarding mistakes, which can quickly lead to feelings of hatred which are kept hidden and can quickly develop into unhappy marriages and potentially may even result in divorce.

One of the most commonly cited reasons for divorce is adultery, and records are showing that adulterous affairs can easily trigger separations, as it allows the other spouse a legal chance to file for divorce. Adultery is considered to be an act of abuse, because it damages both the emotional and physical aspects of a relationship. There are people who believe that adultery has little if any real impact on a marriage or divorce, but the truth is that adultery is a very common symptom for a divorce and is oftentimes the first trigger that leads a couple to consider divorce as an option.

There are occasions where couples live together, yet no longer feel the emotional aspect of one another's presence, and this lack of physical and emotional affection and love can often trigger conflicts and physical abuse which are both serious symptoms which eventually lead couples to divorce.

Here are some tips that will help husbands and wives prevent divorce in their marriages:

1. All conflicting issues must absolutely be dealt with by the couple as a whole. If both members of a relationship are willing to talk about their problems, and to listen openly to one another's ideas and opinions, the couple may actually be able to resolve the problem by finding their own proactive steps and methods to prevent divorce. You should never push the blame on your partner, as it may actually better benefit the relationship if you shoulder the blame yourself. You should also try to practice managing your words, so that neither partner triggers a round of abuse words by hurling negative language at the other. The feelings of resentment which can build as a result of negative language are hard to forget, and can easily escalate the situation into something worse.

2. Try to put value on different mutual interests. It is necessary for couples to find ways to have moments spent together where they can evaluate emotions and spend time together in order to prevent divorce. Couples should strive to make up for lost time together when working to prevent a divorce in order to save their marriage.

3. Every person always reserves he right to choose who may or may not be right for them. Your best bet is always to choose someone who has similar perspectives and beliefs to your own. This could reduce the amount of irreconcilable differences that may eventually lead to divorce. If this is not possible, then you should explore where it might be possible to understand one another's differences, by agreeing to disagree. You can accept that both partners in a relationship can have different opinions, without ever needing to run one another down.

4. Rather than just being partners, you should strive to make the relationship work as best friends as well. If you have established a friendship within your marriage, your marriage will grow stronger and may even last forever.

5. You should learn how to accept all disappointments and failures that come up in the relationship. When a couple understands the limits and imperfections which exist within their marriage, it can help them to grow stronger. Expressing anger may be normal, but can seriously harm a relationship if not managed.

6. An early sign of a lack of connection within couples is an inability to touch one another, share the same bed or even to hug one another, so strive to stay connected with your bodies. You have to work through any physical issues, no matter what may be driving your discomfort with body contact.

7. Take care of your physical appearance, because keeping yourself looking sharp, handsome or beautiful can significantly spice up the relationship. However, it is also important that you remain healthy, especially if diet is involved in maintaining a better physical appearance.

8. You should always be faithful to one another and completely honest as well. In order to make a marriage last forever, it is necessary for honesty and fidelity to exist at all times. Couples should strive to avoid lying, and should be willing to bring up any issues within the marriage as they arise so that they may be dealt with straight away.

You should always remember that love is what binds couples together. If couples want to prevent divorce, they must keep in mind that if they hold true to the promises they made when exchanging vows, their marriage will last as long as they want it to. Above all, it is important to realize that marriage is like a garden, in that it must be nurtured in order to thrive. A beautiful garden is a result of loving care, and a marriage is no different than that.

Always remember that couples are bound together because of love. Divorce may be prevented if couples  always put in their mind that their marriage will last long and live up to the expectations that they promised one another when they exchanged vows. Above all, remember that marriage needs to be nurtured.  Its like a garden.  A beautiful garden is a result of loving care.