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Last Updated:
May 22, 2017

Reviewed By:
Taddy Hall
  Text discusses marriage and the act of saving a failing relationship while focusing on intimacy.

  Certain sections of this divorce book is difficult to understand
Title : Save the Marriage
By: Lee Baucom
Overall Rating : divorcelove
Editor's Review :

The title for this text is nearly identical to the one which received the number twp rating of our top five most popular divorce prevention books, however these two titles have different authors and are not the same by far. This book, "Save the Marriage", explains what are considered to be the right and wrong steps to take when fixing the relationship in your marriage.

The divorce prevention methods that the author explains are proactive, and can be commonly found in many divorce prevention texts. However, the author has trouble completely explaining himself during several points in the book, and also occasionally shifts into different tangents which can make the text difficult to follow effectively. This book may have parts which are effective when it comes to keeping a divorce from happening, but the author is not all together very reassuring which can make it difficult for readers to drum up the motivation that they need to implement the tactics that are touched on in the book.

This book does also offer many unique points surrounding the repair of broken relationships, both for married couples and unmarried couples who are having difficulties. The author does highlight steps for taking action against these troubled relationships, but the arguments that she uses are somewhat lacking. If you are looking for a book which focuses on common methods for divorce prevention, or traditional methods which have proven themselves in the past and therefore have become popular in many books written by relationship counselors, then this might be the right book for you.

However, if you are looking for unique methods because the traditional steps have failed, you are better off choosing the first or second book on our review list because reviews from past readers show that the methods within them are extremely effective, especially when the more common, traditional methods are not.

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