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We strive to provide unbiased reviews on the top five divorce prevention books in an attempt to help couples who are in trouble with finding the tools and resources necessary to repair their marriages and to prevent their divorces. The book products that we recommend are trustworthy and backed by 100-percent money back guarantees, so we never recommend a product that we cannot completely guarantee.



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Last Updated:
March 11, 2017

Reviewed By:
Tony Mainelli and Laura Blackwell
  Offers an overabundance of information which is both useful and effective, and which can be applied to every single divorce situation. The text in the book is easy both to understand, and to implement.


This book does not include a section on marriage resolution for same-sex couples.

Title : Ultimate Guide to Saving your Marriage
By: Katie Zaltman et al
Overall Rating :
Editor's Review :

This book, which can easy be regarded as the Ultimate guide to saving one's marriage employs examples from real life experiences in the lives of the author's past clients in order to assist new readers in the process of solving problems within their marriages. This guide utilizes concrete information in order to solve immediate problems regarding the marriage which have occurred both before and during the span of the marriage. Each concept outlined in this text is backed by real life experiences from past clients, which is unique to very few divorce prevention books and certainly makes this one stand out. The concepts are described in a clear and easy to read manner, making them easy to understand and even easier to implement. We do not believe that we have come across a divorce prevention book that was so powerful and clearly written before this one. We receive letters on a weekly basis which thank us for the reviews on this book, thanks to the effectiveness of the ideas presented in this text.

This text discusses a very wide variety of different issues which can lead to problems within the marriage, ranging from money issues, to lack of sexual desire or even children. The information in this book accurately describes whether or not you really need to attempt saving your marriage, as well as signs noting whether or not your marriage is in trouble. Through this text, you will be educated on how to identify your personal goals within your marriage, and your understanding of the concepts of marriage will be expanded as well. Most importantly of all, the methods presented in this book are effective for all situations, even if your spouse has moved out or if the marriage seems absolutely hopeless. Many divorce prevention and marriage saving books promise this kind of extremely effective information, but no book can provide the information as clearly and effectively as this text can.

We continue to receive large amounts of positive testimonials which speak of the effectiveness of this text. By purchasing this book, you will have all the tools that you need to repair your marriage for less than the cost of a single marriage therapy session. So why spend hundreds of dollars for marriage counseling and therapy, when all of the answers that you need are in this text, waiting to be discovered? Many of the issues discussed by marriage counselors are already in this book, because the authors are relationship experts and marriage counselors who have already been through these tactics with their own clients. Their methods are tried and true, and the testimonials that we receive are proof that these methods work, saving your marriage and a great deal of money with it. The publishers of this book offer a risk free, 100-percent money back guarantee policy, which means that you have absolutely nothing to lose by purchasing this book. However, if you do not take a chance and make this purchase, you may lose your marriage. Your marriage can be saved, just like the thousands of marriages which have already been saved by this book. What are you waiting for?

This is a real testimonial which we received from a reader who purchased this book. This is just one common review, and we receive many positive comments about this book constantly.

“I bought the Ultimate Guide to Saving your Marriage and read the complete book, and found the concepts and explanations to be written very clearly. My husband wanted to run away from me because he found another woman. Rather than just beg my husband to return, I implemented many of the techniques found in this book. Changing my husband would be difficult so I quickly tried each technique this book described to me. It did take work on my part, and it took me about three weeks before I even began to see results. My mindset about my marriage has changed and now my husband has come back to me, and has left the other woman. To make matters better, our marriage now is stronger than it ever was before. I never thought that a book could actually save my marriage but thanks to this book my marriage is now stronger than ever!”

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